英語で読む「Apple Keynote」iPad Pro, Demos

英語で読む「Apple Keynote」Smart Keyboard & Apple pencil

Kirk Koenigsba

Than you. It's a thrill to be hare today. At Microsoft, we're focused on reinventing productivity to help people do their best work anywhere they are working. 

And today more than ever, we are supporting Microsoft Office on Apple platforms. I'd like to introduce Han-yi, who I going to walk us through some cool demos .

Up on the screen, you'll see a beautiful. Microsoft Word document on the gorgeous new iPad Pro. Now, with the Office iPad, we want to make it easy for anyone to create rich content and documents using Touch

So watch a quick example here. We can just, with a few quick taps, take this table, add styles, and turin it into a really great document. 

Now, we want to extend this richness with the new iPad Pro with Ink, so we can allow anyone to markup or annotate their documents and collaborate with others. 

So if you look underneath the ribbon, you will see we have a variety of new pen tools. There's different pens and pencils. One is a highlighter. You see this fabulous new color wheel so you can pick just the color you want and a new thickness control so you can get the point you need.

Watch as we can use the Apple Pencil and circle items in our document. We can strike through, we can add suggestions, and we can write in the margins. And you will see it's also great for maltilingual usage too. 

Now, because Office is built for teamwork, all of these changes are stored in the document itself and can be viewed on any Microsoft Office application on any device.

Now, the next thing we want to do is add a chart to our document, so we've started the chart in Excel. So we'll take advantage of iOS 9's multitasking capabilities. With a quick swipe, we can have both Word and Excel on the screen at the same time.

Now, for Office, the document is king, so having these two applications side by side is a huge productivity boost and allows us to do things like copy and paste this chart that you see and put it into Microsoft Word.

Now, let's finish up our PowerPoint presentation that goes along with this document that we're working on, and once again, we'll use iOS 9's multitasking capabilities, have both apps up on the screen at the same time, and we can copy this chart also into our PowerPoint presentation to finish it up.

Now, just like Word, just like Excel, PowerPoint has great support for the Apple Pencil and for Ink, and so watch as we can go ahead and draw some shapes here on our slide, and they're converted automatically to graphic objects. 


Let's take this to the next level. We'll if to this slide. You see it has just a simple list. We want to turn this into a high-impact diagram. We can use the Apple Pencil or just touch.

Here we will just use Touch, and watch as we draw three circles, and you will see that PowerPoint converts them automatically into shapes. Now, we'll support shape recognition for over 20 different object types, so you can take your hand-drawn art and annotations and convert them into professional-looking content.

So this is the new Microsoft Office on the new iPad, and at Microsoft, we really believe that bringing together the iPad Pro with Microsoft Office, the Ink, the multitasking capabilities will really transform the way people work on these kinds of devices. 

Thank you very much.


Phil Schiller

Next, we'd like to see what it's like for creative professionals to use iPad Pro in their workflow, and who knows better about creative workflows than our good friends at Adobe?

Adobe has been doing incredible things on iPad with Creative Cloud mobile apps, and now on iPad Pro, they are working on a brand-new suite of applications that's incredibly powerful and can do amazing things. 

So I am very excited to bring out the Director of Design for Mobile Apps at Adobe, Eric Snowden.


Eric Snowden

Thank you so much. I am really excited to show you three different Adobe applications all working together on the iPad Pro.

The first of which is Adobe Comp. And Comp is a design tool that's as easy to use as drawing on a napkin. So by creating an X on the left-hand side of the screen, I am creating an image place hold holder. We have gestures for headline copy and body copy. You can quickly lay out a rough design. These elements are temporarily grouped together so I can adjust them as a group. 

So I have gone from nothing to a rough wireframe in about 15 seconds. From there I want to add real fonts, make this a little bit more high fidelity. This is the first time on a mobile device we've given access to typekit fonts. We have over a thousand fonts available.

So I am going to go ahead and select this headline text, and I am going to change my copy to be Ruby Red, which is the theme for this design. And I am going to apply some styles to my body copy as well, a simple gesture to copy styles from other objects. And I lastly, I want to add a  photo from my camera roll. 

So I've a rough design here. I am pretty happy with it. But I am not quite happy with the model's smile. I wish she had just a little bit more of a smile. I think it would warm up the design quite a bit. But luckily we have an app for that.

So I am going to go into multitasking mode, and multitasking is amazing on the new iPad Pro, side by side, it's like having two screens. I am going to send this image from Comp into a brand-new application called Adobe Photoshop Fix.

And Fix is a product we are announcing today. It's a member of the Photoshop family for retouching, and it's insanely fast on the new iPad, can process up to 50 megapixels images very fast and has all the features you would expect from an app in the Microsoft family, but we've built facial detection into the retouching engine.

If I select the model's lips, for example, I can isolate those and just give her just a little bit more of a smile.


Then I can send that change back to Comp. So for the last app, I am going to open up Adobe Photoshop Sketch, which is our painting and drawing application.

With Sketch, we've tuned it to work with the iPad. With our new tool, if you lay the pencil on the side, you are laying down more water and less pigment. If I hold it up right and press down harder, I am laying more ink and less water. I can click this button here to dry that. 

I am going to go ahead and copy this, close out of multitasking. Then paste this back into my Comp document. So with a couple other small tweaks, finish up this design, and it looks pretty good. I went from a blank page to a design in just a few minutes using three different applications together. 

But I think the most impressive thing out of all this is all this work is nondestructive, so at any point if I put three fingers down on the screen, I can scrub back on my history back to my blank document and then all the way back to my final design. 


So you never have to worry about making a mistake or losing your work. It's all safe here. 

So that was Adobe Comp, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Sketch. We are making tools powerful enough for professionals and easy enough for anyone to use. This is only available on the iPad and will be shipping in October.

Thank you.


Phil Schiller

For the last demo, we wanted to show you something that really requires the incredible performance of graphics for the iPad Pro and an application that's pretty amazing. It's an application that helps to visualize human anatomy and assists doctors, patients, and students in medical school.

To show you this incredible new application and how it runs in iPad Pro, I am very excited to I think about up the Head of Design at 3D4Medical, Irene Walsh.



Irene Walsh

Thank you.

In the average medical consultation, the patient is with a doctor for just seven minutes, and they only recall 14% of the information they receive. At 3D4Medical, we believe that clear understanding between doctors and patients leads to better healthcare and ultimately to better patient outcomes. I am excited to show you how with the new iPad Pro, our Complete Anatomy series has bridged that communication gap. 

Let's imagine I am a doctor. I am speaking with my patient about their injured knee. I can zoom right into the knee area to show them more about the bones at work here. The incredible CPU and increased memory of the new iPad Pro mean that I am now seeing these textures at double the resolution of previous versions. And with the Polly count of our mesh also doubled, I am experiencing new levels of medical accuracy.

Now let's turn on some muscles, and we can see how thy interact with the skeleton to create movement. The quadriceps you see here are being animated in real time at 60 frames per second. Just imagine how groundbreaking this will be for physical therapy patients in understanding and visualizing their treatments. This motion is fully controlled by me, and it's seamlessly rendered by the new iPad Pro.

To get a little context, I can turn on the skin there to help orientate. We have taken full advantage of the Apple Pencil by introducing unique cutting and drawing tools to our app. As a medical student, for the first time, I will be able to edit the model rapidly and with pinpoint position. 

I can cut through the layer of anatomy to reveal the relationships between structures and even simulate surgical procedures. As a trained physician, I'll use Complete Anatomy to educate my patient on their condition .

So let's say my patient presents with a torn meniscus. I can bring up a preset view of the knee area to highlight the relevant structures. Then to make the injury more specific to my patient, I can take the Apple Pencil and make a precise tear on the meniscus directly on the model. 

I can then show my patient their particular injury in 3D. Using the pressure sensitive technology, I can model the effects of arthritis, varying the size and frequency of bone spurs according to the force that I apply.


I can even annotate while still in the 3D environment using our pen tool to draw directly on the model. Or using our automatic labeling function. What's really great about this is that I can actually share this exact 3D model with my patient and record a consultation for them to refer to in Complete Anatomy on their own iPad

We believe that the new iPad Pro and our Complete Anatomy series will transform the way doctors and patients communicate, increasing medical understanding and improving patient care from remote villages to the top hospitals and universities in the world.

Thank you.


Phil Schiller

Now you've seen the kind of applications that can run on iPad Pro. They are truly transformative... 

to be continued...
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